BladeButter: Savings By The Numbers

BladeButter can help you safely stretch the life of your razor. We’ve compiled some very conservative numbers that show the average man or woman who shaves at least three times per week, can save over $150 per year. We have customers that use their razors for much longer which means the savings will be even bigger. Check out the numbers below and try BladeButter for yourself.

2.79 – According to, the average disposable razor costs $2.79.
4 – The average person shaves 4 times per week.
104 – Using those statistics, the average person would use 104 razors per year.
290.16 – The yearly cost of those razors would be $290.16.
6 – A jar of BladeButter lasts an average of 6 months.
10 – BladeButter can extend the life of razors 10 times.
21.90 -The cost of a jar of BladeButter is $17.95 plus 3.95 for shipping & handling.
2 – The average man or woman would use 2 jars of BladeButter per year.
215.34 – The yearly savings would be $215.34 if the shaver gets 10x more life from their razor.
188.32 – The yearly savings would be $188.32 if the shaver gets 5x more life from their razor.
149.64 – The yearly savings would be $149.64 if the shaver gets 3x more life from their razor.

Please Note: The average person will attempt to “stretch” their razors life beyond the recommended usage at the expense of his skin. Unfortunately, that leads to serious nicking, cutting and scraping. There is no doubt, BladeButter will save you money and it will give you a cleaner, closer shave on a consistent basis. The amount of money saved from having to buy new razors will vary from consumer to consumer. And who knows how much you can save in ancillary costs like gas (used to go to and from the store to buy razors) and toiletpaper (to cover your nicks and cuts).”

Stop Spending A Fortune On Razors

All-Natural BladeButter Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket.