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Tampa, Fla. – At some point, everyone must shave. For many people, the morning ritual can be an occasionally uncomfortable task. Count Matt Green among the men who endured periodic nicks and cuts from using a disposable razor.

Searching for a solution, he turned to a “nano lube” composed of all-natural oils, vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and astringents that he found dramatically prolonged the life of a razor blade and produced a smooth shave that was gentle on his skin. This led to the launch of BladeButter (

With BladeButter, consumers will use a fraction of the razors they typically use since the oil drastically extends the life of the blades. Not only will consumers save money, they will also have cleaner, closer shaving experiences time and time again.

Incorporating molecular filtration technology, the oil molecules easily penetrate into the metal of a razor blade, unlike others that simply coat the razor. BladeButter’s proprietary formula was originally created when Green was developing products for a fitness and nutrition company.

There was an issue with a protein bar sticking to the inside of its wrapper, so Green worked with the manufacturer to have an oil developed that would coat the inner part of the wrapper. The decision was made to use another option, but sometime in the future, Green believed, there would be an eventual use for his proprietary oil made through the molecular filtration process. He discovered the exact purpose one morning.

“I only had one blade left when I was shaving one morning, and I noticed it was dull after cutting myself,” Green said. “I had a jar of the oil, so I applied some on my face. The razor glided over it and gave me a smooth shave.”

That sparked an idea for Green, and the entrepreneur who has an in-depth background in sales and marketing to accompany his product development experience, conducted research of how he could transform the oil into a product that would be ideal for the skin. The result is BladeButter, which features all natural and organic ingredients like Vitamin E, Aloe and tea tree oil which are effective for increasing the life of razor blades and allowing men and women alike to get comfortable shaves.

Beyond lubricating the blade edge, BladeButter oil makes skin feel softer and smoother. The tea tree oil acts as an astringent and sanitizes the blade. Using BladeButter is simple. Soak the head of the razor in BladeButter for a few minutes. Allow the excess oil to drip back into the jar. Shave with your usual creams or gels. Then rinse and dry the razor.

“With today’s sluggish economy, people are looking for stretch their dollars and razor blades can get expensive when you have to frequently replace them,” Green said. “With BladeButter, we say you can save your blade, save your skin and save your cash. It can extend the life of your razor five-fold and even longer.”

Made at its FDA Registered/GMP certified manufacturing facilities in the Tampa area, BladeButter Gold is for men and BladeButter Pink (which has a similar but more fragrant formula) is available for women. The products are $17.95 per jar (1.5 ounces) and can be ordered at


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