BladeButter - The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer For Guys

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer For Guys

Are you looking for the season’s top stocking stuffers for men? Well, BladeButter makes for a great practical yet unique gift idea for men, whether it’s for the holidays or another occasion!

Recommended by Good Housekeeping magazine, BladeButter allows you to extend the life of your razors. In fact, a study revealed that adding BladeButter to your daily shaving routine could save you an average of $170 per year!

BladeButter also makes a great gift idea for guys who love the planet. If your man is an eco-friendly fellow, he’ll love the fact that BladeButter reduces his carbon footprint, since he’ll be using fewer razors (and it won’t come at the cost of looking scruffy!)

Plus, BladeButter will leave your man’s skin looking and feeling fabulous, which has made BladeButter one of the ladies’ favorite stocking stuffers for guys! Plus, he won’t look like he lost a fight with a briar bush or an evil kitten. (Though, sadly, we can’t really help if you actually do have an evil kitten…unless you’re looking to shave him!)

BladeButter is comprised of a top secret blend of vitamins, antioxidants, astringents and oils like mineral oil, aloe vera oil, grapeseed oil, tea tree oil and vitamin E oil. This perfect blend will condition your razor blade, keeping it sharp and extending its lifespan.

Using BladeButter is simple! Just soak your razor blade in BladeButter before each shave and you’ll be ready to roll! (Or…er…shave.)

BladeButter uses an innovative process called nano filtration. We’ve milled the oils and ingredients contained within BladeButter so the molecules are even smaller than normal. This smaller size allows those molecules to infiltrate the microscopic pores of your razor blade. If you were to look at a razor blade under a microscope, you’d see that the edge is actually not perfectly smooth and the edge gets rougher and rougher with each use! That’s what causes your razor to become duller and less effective. But the oils in BladeButter seal those tiny pores and flaws, while protecting the blade edge. This means a closer, smoother shave and a longer life for your razor!

BladeButter comes in two fabulous colors: gold and pink (because real men love pink!) Plus, BladeButter has a very affordable price at just $17.95 for a 1.5 oz. jar, making it a perfect holiday stocking stuffer for men! A single jar lasts four to six months, so buy a few if you’d like to keep him buttered up all year long!

So give BladeButter a try and treat the men in your life. It’s the perfect holiday gift idea for guys of all ages. And don’t forget the ladies! Women will love BladeButter too!

Only Available Thru This Link:

Only Available Thru This Link!

This Is A Limited Time Offer. While Supplies Last.

WSJ Market Watch 5 Ways To Save On Shaving

BladeButter – MarketWatch 5 Ways To Save On Shaving

BladeButter gets a nice mentioned in an article that appears on WSJ Market Watch. The name of the article is “5 Ways To Save On Shaving’ which can be found in the Personal Finance section of the October 25th Wall Street Journal and the MarketWatch on the MarketWatch website. Thank you to Joe Sale for getting BladeButter considered. Thank you to Charles Passy for including us in the article.

Stop Spending A Fortune On Razors

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Gillette vs Dollar Shave Club

Gillette vs Dollar Shave Club

Gillette makes a curious move to compete with Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s and other online shave clubs. Gillette announced its new subscription service over the weekend via television commercials during shows that guys love. The decision should be alarming to their current retailers and their supply chains. They now offer cut-throat pricing and a complete elimination of the middlemen. It’s the equivalent of aiming at your foot and then pulling the trigger. How will this decision impact retail sales? Margins are already (get ready for the pun) razor thin for stores like CVS and Walgreens. What would be their motivation to carry their products?

The real question is does this impact my BladeButter™ products? Yes, it does in a very positive way. First off, BladeButter™ can help any razor perform better and last longer. It doesn’t matter if they’re the cheap razors that Dollar Shave Club peddles (They buy them from Dorco, they mark them up, and them resell them to you as their own – visit Dorco’s site). Or the high quality, German-engineered blades that Harry’s sells. BladeButter™ can save your blades, your skin, and your hard-earned money. Secondly, retailers may want to carry less razors and add more products that enhance the shaving process. The margins are much higher, they take up less space on the shelf, and they don’t require security measures that eat away at profits.

A big thank you to Gillette for creating this opportunity for BladeButter™. The battle should be very entertaining for us to watch.

Stop Spending A Fortune On Razors

All-Natural BladeButter Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket.

BladeButter Has C5 Inside

BladeButter Now Has C5 Inside!

How do you make the best new shaving product even better? Add C5 Inside.

C5 Biotechnology uses a patented technology to imprint frequencies in the extreme far infrared region of the electro optical spectrum into water, foods, produce, natural products and more. Their proprietary process reorganizes molecules from a “chaotic state” into a “non-chaotic, homogeneous state.” C5 is scientifically proven to reduce bacterial growth dramatically in water, meats, fruits, vegetables, natural products and growing plants. The result is a significant extension of shelf life, which means fresher, healthier products for the consumer.

What does this mean for BladeButter? It means BladeButter exists on a whole new level. You can expect faster penetration and better protection of your blades. You’ll experience a softer overall feel and you’ll see an improvement in the quality and delivery of our skin rebuilding ingredients. We are committed to making shaving a better experience for men and women.

Look for the “C5 Inside” seal on BladeButter and other fine products nationwide.

Stop Spending A Fortune On Razors

All-Natural BladeButter Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket.


Soak, Slather & Roll Your Way To Better Shaves!

Blade Butter is now available in three different varieties, perfect for giving you the smooth, close shave you need, without wasting money on tons of new razors.

Blade Butter is a one-of-a-kind product designed to extend your razor’s life ten times over, enabling you to save money, all while enjoying a close shave!

Blade Butter uses nanotechnology to process and break-down the oil molecules into a tiny size, which enables the oil to penetrate the tiny imperfections on your razor blade. This results in a smoother blade, which will deliver a much closer shave!

What’s more, Blade Butter is completely non-toxic, as it contains natural ingredients that are great for your skin! BB contains a number of ingredients, including mineral oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, aloe vera oil and grape seed oil.

Soak. Slather. Roll.

Blade Butter Soak, which comes in jar form, is the Blade Butter product you’ve grown to love, but now, there are two new convenient ways to extend your razor’s lifespan!

If you’re ready to Soak, Slather and Roll your way to a super smooth, ultra close shave, try the new BB Slather!

Blade Butter Slather offers a convenient, easy-to-use pump that’s ideal for electric razors and others who like to apply a generous amount of Blade Butter to your razor blade head.

Blade Butter Roll is perfect for use on the road or in the shower. This roll-on version of Blade Butter is extremely convenient, clean and easy to use.

With both the Blade Butter roll-on and pump jar, there’s no worry of tipping over the jar or accidentally diluting it with water while you’re in the shower.

Whatever form you choose – Soak, Slather or Roll – Blade Butter works the same way. Simply apply the oil to your razor (or, soak it in the BB jar) for about five minutes before each shave. Then, shave as usual and enjoy a close shave that will leave you silky smooth.

Your razor lifespan will be increased by up to ten times! This means you’ll spend less on those pricey razors and razor heads. It’s good for disposable razors and electric razors.

On average, our customers report that the Blade Butter jar lasts between four to six months!

If you haven’t tried Blade Butter yet, it’s time to give it a go! And if you’ve been using Blade Butter Soak, give our two new varieties – Slather and Roll – a try!

Stop Spending A Fortune On Razors

All-Natural BladeButter Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket.

Tampa Tribune Features BladeButter

Local Love: TBO & Tampa Tribune Recommend BladeButter

BladeButter is a hit with the locals! The Tampa Tribune/TBO online gave BladeButter a nice write up and review. The editor wrote “I was pretty skeptical, but the more I use BladeButter, the more I’m impressed.” She also said “The best part is that even with an older blade, I didn’t feel any tugging. And I haven’t nicked my knees even once since I started using this product.”


Stop Spending A Fortune On Razors

All-Natural BladeButter Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket.


The BladeButter Reviews Are In!

Actually, it’s the latest review by Adin and her husband. You can view the detailed review by clicking here. It’s very positive, as we had hoped.

Adin did have one issue with BladeButter. That issue was the amount of time you soak your razor in BladeButter before you shave. Originally we thought we needed five minutes to season the metal, but our nano-oils actually penetrate the blade-edge much faster than we expected. The new instructions for use will read: “Soak a new razor for at least one minute prior to shaving. Dip an already seasoned razor for a few moments before you shave. Let the excess drip back into the jar to conserve your supply.”

We thank Adin for giving BladeButter a real-world test and we wish her luck with her expertly detailed product review site.

Stop Spending A Fortune On Razors

All-Natural BladeButter Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket.


BladeButter Enters Intuit’s Small Business Big Game Contest

UPDATE: (10-28-2013) BladeButter did not make the top 20. We tried very hard, but it was not meant to be. Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

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UPDATE: (10-15-2013) We made it to the next round! Next stop, the Top 20! Enjoy our video and Matt’s personal story on the SBBG Contest site –

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BladeButter is as small as small businesses come. Matt Green does everything from product development to marketing to product fulfillment. Matt would love to turn his side project into a full-time job and so he’s entered Intuit’s “Small Business Big Game” contest. The grand prize winner gets to run their commercial during the Super Bowl, all expenses paid by Intuit. The value of the spot is in the millions of dollars and the exposure is extraordinary.

To vote for BladeButter, please visit

Stop Spending A Fortune On Razors

All-Natural BladeButter Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket.


BladeButter Recommended By Good Housekeeping

BladeButter is recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute (, earning a spot in the article titled “5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas.” This is no small feat. BladeButter appears on the list next to large, international brands like Panasonic and Aveeno.

BladeButter is also being considered for GH’s VIP ( Very Innovative Product) Awards for 2014. Award winners will be announced in the February 2014 Issue. Past winners include Crest White Strips and the Amazon Kindle.

Stop Spending A Fortune On Razors

All-Natural BladeButter Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket.


The Gloss Puts BladeButter In It’s Father’s Day Gift Recommendations

The Gloss article begins… My dad is very “meh” about grooming products. On the one hand, he shaves daily, uses a bit of product in his hair sometimes, always carries a comb and wears cologne on occasion. On the other hand, I am pretty sure if I asked him to explain his skincare routine to me or requested the name of which exfoliator he uses, he would give me a furrowed, confused frown.

Read more:

Stop Spending A Fortune On Razors

All-Natural BladeButter Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket.